Friday, August 11, 2017

The Cross-Body Bag

I've just started a course on Craftsy called the CROSS- BODY BAG: Sewing With Waxed Canvas.  This is  an excellent course, taught by Mariah McPherson.

  I purchased  grey suede, as I couldn't find waxed canvas, or even plain canvas at our local fabric shop, so we will see how that goes!

This waxed look is really appealing, so I will be  purchasing the waxed canvas on-line, or a bar  to wax the fabric myself.  You can make the bag first then wax it, but I think I would prefer to do it while the fabric is on a flat surface.

Mariah is a excellent instructor, and takes you through each step, giving you all the information you need to know, plus!!  She's easy to follow and thorough.

The bag is so darn cute!  It is not a difficult pattern at all, and would be easy to whip up several of these in a short period of time, even for the novice!!  The inside pocket is divided in a unique but simple way.

My bag pieces are all cut and the batting added  to each piece, and now I will interface the pieces as well.    As usual, I'm missing a key element, the zipper pull in silver.  I have antique brass and gold only.  Wouldn't you know it!  Zipper pulls are ordered, but they won't arrive until next week!

You can find the course here at CRAFTSY

Friday, August 4, 2017

The Bag

This is another one of the CARRY-IT-ALL HIPSTER BAGS having a:
- large outer front zipper pocket.
- medium sized outer front pocket with bag lock (new)
- large outer back pocket with tab (magnetic closure - new)
- recessed zipper.
- an easy sew & so versatile.
I've made a few changes to this bag, and they have been added as an extension/option to this tutorial.  It's a bag  you can make to your own specifications.
 There's yet another bag I would like you to see. One of my Testers made it, and it is totally different than this one.  She's made three lovely bags now, and they're all unique!!  Hopefully she will allow me to share it with you.

The large pic above is one of my friends holding the bag...just so you can see that it's still a good sized bag!

This is Carol's bag.  She made it out of cork.  She didn't add the outer front pocket, but what a      gorgeous bag!  As I said it's versatile !!  There's a large open pocket in the back of the outer bag, as well as a large zipper pocket in the outer front.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

New Tutorial Now Released

This Carry-It-All Hipster Bag is true to form. It hosts a : • Large front zip pocket. • Front pocket with flap. • Large outer back slip pocket with tab. • Inside slip pocket. • Fully lined, with options for interfacing. • Adjustable 50” strap for carrying on the shoulder or cross-body. • Recessed zipper. • Large enough for all your essentials, yet small enough at 9 ½” W. x 9 ½” H. x 2 ½” D. This is a tutorial with detailed instructions and pictorials. The measurements are given for each piece to be cut , but pattern pieces are not included in this tutorial.

You can find the tutorial on CRAFTSY.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Carry-It-All Hipster Bag Tutorial


The (revised)  Carry-It-All Hipster Bag Tutorial has now been released and can be found on  Craftsy!  It hosts a a number of pockets, including a  large zipper pocket, adjustable strap, and recessed zipper.
The bag tutorial is rated by the testers as an easy sew and great for even the novice.

Here are some fantastic looking bags made by the Testers.  What a great group of ladies to work with.


Tuesday, June 13, 2017


(Click on the picture to enlarge)
This is one of my Tester's bags.  She made some changes, and most were actually options.  She opted to make the bag with only two straps.  The four panels which make up the front, she made into one piece for the front, and one piece for the back.  She also added ties on the bottom.

 While she was cutting,  she said at one point she wasn't paying attention, and cut  the wrong size for the pocket.  Instead of it becoming a scrap, she added it as a pocket to the back of the bag.  This was not originally in the tutorial.  What she has done is turn a wheelchair bag into a walker bag!  How cool is that!

I really appreciate this lady and her willingness to test.  She not only made a lovely bag, but used her own creative ideas to make something for a friend.   There's nothing like having someone make something lovely from your pattern/tutorial.

The tutorial can be purchased at CRAFTSY!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Recessed Zipper Tutorial for Beginners

Finally!  This 14 page Recessed Zipper Tutorial for Beginners is finished.  It includes step by step instructions as well as detailed pictorials. This was made specifically for beginners.

There are many tutorials, but this is the method I opted to use.

 I recommend following the step by step instructions, and looking at the pictorials as you go.

This tutorial shows only how to sew and add a recessed zipper to the bag lining.  The lining instructions are then followed according to the bag pattern you are using,  I used a 4" wide recessed zipper, which to me is quite wide, but at the same time shows you clearly how it looks once finished.  Your measurements will depend on your boxed corners as well as your preference!

This tutorial can be found on CRAFTSY.

Any questions, please contact me at or
Here's some pictures of my testers projects!  I think they did an exceptional job.